Supersonic Decodable Book Set Level 4 - Blue (Set of 10)


In Level 4 - Blue books, children build on the letter-sound combinations learned in levels 1 and 2. They learn consonant digraphs (sounds made up of two letters together such as 'ch' or "ll") and long vowel sounds (such as 'igh' or 'ai').

Titles Include:

The Lurking Turnips /ur/er/
The Trolls in the Forest /ow/oi/
Baboon on the Moon /oo/
Lorna Starts Classes /ar/or/
The Wait for the Monster /ai/ee/igh/
The Not-So-Fun Fair /air/ure/
The Land in the Jar /igh/ar/
Orla and Midnight Wing /or/ur/ow/
Ow, Oi! /ow/oi/
The Zorbs' Ears /ear/air/ure/



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