Supersonic Decodable Book Set Level 4/5 - Blue/Green (Set of 22)


In Level 4/5 - Blue/Green, children will practice their knowledge in this level, and will learn to read and spell words which have adjacent consonants (for example, trap, strong, milk, and crept).

Titles Include: 

A Holiday Gift /ay/
The Fox and the Hen /ea/
The No-Kids Club /ie/
Abigail Toenail and the Clipper of Doom! /oe/
Prawns at Dawn /aw/
Do Not Feed the Cow Sprouts /ou/
A Toy for a Boy /oy/
The Big Chew /ew/
The Bot in Bede /e_e/
No Time for Bed /i_e/
Stuck at Home with Jokes Malone /o_e/
Helena the Fighter /u_e/
The Alphabet Is Missing /ph/
The Cat's Whiskers /wh/
Montague and the Missing Statues /ue/
The Flute of . . . /u_e/
Not-So-New Mathew /ew/
A Spot to Haunt /au/
Burt and His Bag of Dirt /ir/
Lights in the Snow /ow/
The Wishing Starship /a_e/
Odd Gardeners /ue/



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