Supersonic Decodable Book Set Level 2 - Red (Set of 16)


Level 2 - Red books introduce simple letter-sound combinations. As each set of letters is introduced, children are encouraged to use their new knowledge to sound out and blend words. For example, they will learn to blend the sounds s-a-t to make the word sat.

Titles Include:

Bed Bugs & Bad Hen /h/b/
Ben's Bag & Hal Is Big /b/ff/
Can Bill Sell It? & Len in the Hot Sun /l/ll/
Dip and Bop & Can Kim Fit? /g/o/c/k/
Ella and the Imp & Tap, Tap, Tap /j/x/s/a/t/p/
Get the Hat & Dad Has a Nap /ck/e/u/r/
In the Cot & Tim and Bill /ll/ss/
Kim the Boss & Less and Less /ss/
No, Rin! & Bedtime /ck/e/u/r/h/b/f/
POP! & Mom Has a Ban /j/v/w/
Pop It in the Sack & Go, Ken, Go! /ck/e/
Rick's Gum & The Red Pot /u/r/
Sam and Dot & A Troll and a Doll /l/ll/ss/
The Big Fan & Get Off! /f/ff/
The Picnic & Rick Gets It /h/r/
The Jazz Sax & Yum, Yum! /j/v/w/x/y/z/zz/



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