Phonic Books Dandelion Launchers Stages 8-15 Junk (Words with Four Sounds CVCC)


Ages Kindergarten (4+)

16 books in a pack:

Book 8a: Junk CVCC
Book 8b: The Gift CVCC
Book 9a: Don't Spill CCVC
Book 9b: Floss CCVC
Book 10a: Stunt Rat CCVCC
Book 10b: Frank Swims CCVCC
Book 11a: Nuts for Lunch ch
Book 11b: The Champ ch
Book 12a: Shep and Tosh sh
Book 12b: Fresh Fish sh
Book 13a: This and That th
Book 13b: Will This Fit? th
Book 14a: The Back Pack ck wh
Book 14b: Which Shall I Pick? ck wh
Book 15a: Ding Dong! ng qu
Book 15b: The Strong Wind ng qu



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