K-2 Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Collection (45 Titles)


Includes 45 unique, single copy titles covering a wide array of diverse characters and cultures. Collection comes packaged with book bins and labels. 

Sample title list includes: (+15 more)

Respecting Diversity
Everyone Goes to School
Everyone Plays Games
Everyone Plays Sports
Everyone Travels
Amira's Family
Ben's Family
Levi's Family
Mia's Family
Katie Gets A Pet 
Katie Helps Out
Katie is a Big Sister
Katie Meets Carl 
I See Community
I See Family
I See Joy
I See Love
Carl Enters a Contest
Carl Goes on a Field Trip
Carl Makes a Plan
Carl Writes a Letter
Amazing President Theodore Roosevelt
Benjamin Franklin
George Washington Carver
Ruby Bridges
Martin Luther King Jr. (My Itty Bitty Bio)
Yasmin the Detective
Yasmin the Doctor
Yasmin the Farmer



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