Supersonic Decodable Book Set Level 9 - Gold (Set of 16)


In Level 9 - Gold, children read with increasing fluency. They will have learned most of the common letter-sound combinations and can read familiar words automatically without needing to sound out and blend.

Titles Include:

The Knight Who Couldn't See Where He Was Going
The Scarecrows of Crowhill
A Trogen Surprise
Dad's Dancing Decorators
The Day the Wishing Well Went Dry
We Didn't Mean to Go on a Voyage!
Flynn's Fantastic Flight
Riley Rye, Private Eye
Bawdy McPea's Circus of Fleas
First Kid on Mars
The Bee Who Couldn't Fly
Professor Molebody's Potato Panic
Sally Comet and the Space Pirates
Chameleon Kid and the Shock: Lunch Is Served



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