Supersonic Decodable Book Set Level 7 - Turquoise (Set of 10)


In Level 7 - Turquoise, children will learn new graphemes and alternative pronunciations for known graphemes. For example, they have already learned /ow/ as in 'cow' and will now learn /ow/ as in 'blow'. In addition, they will learn alternative spelling for known phonemes. For example, the sound /igh/ as been taught as the grapheme igh as in 'night', but can also be spelled 'y', 'ie', and 'i-e'.

Titles Include:

Whitney's Birthday Party /wh/ph/
Maud and the Big Witch Meet /ue/oe/au/
The Big Outdoor Adventure /ou/ir/
The Pirates of Oyster Bay /ay/oy/
The Great Pie Lie /ie/ue/
The Magic Pea /ea/aw/
The Big Sleep /a/e/
The Time Finders /i/o/
The Secret Cow Club /c/g/
Over the Rainbow /ow/



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